VANNED & DELIVER - Small removals & Commercial Deliveries
To help you

In order to provide an efficient service to our customers we carry the following items:
heavy duty flatbed trolley
Spare boxes (limited) and strong bags.
Bungee straps
Tape dispenser & gaffer tape
gripper gloves
Additional lighting
Maps & Sat Nav
Screwdriver & allen (hex) keys
sack truck
Blankets and pillows for padding.
Anti-slip mats
Rope for lowering items

In order to efficiently move you we suggest the following.
Boxes should be closed to allow for stacking.
We suggest all items are dismantled before the day to save time and cost. Wardrobes should have doors removed. beds and bunks must be dismantled. All drawers need to be empty.  All electrical appliances unplugged & disconnected. Washing machines etc. unplumbed.   Assembled Flat packs are not designed to be moved!

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